3. Prancing Unicorn mini-web
Stars - the real pictures
Fridge Magnets

This unique series of 24 star picture fridge magnets is an ideal way for anyone, young or old, to learn the stars.
Each 54mm x 85mm magnet shows you what picture to look for and the best time and direction in which to see it.
Keep them on your fridge for quick reference and to remind you to wrap up warm!
On the back of each card are further tips related to the main picture. The pointing figure indicates the height of the picture in the night sky.
unicorn mini-web
Fridge Magnets - the complete range
Buy the complete set of 24 fridge magnets for only 30 (or $45 to the USA) including postage.

gt bear thumb
1. The Great Bear
twins thumb
2. Feasting Twins
3. Prancing Unicorn mini-thumb
3. Prancing Unicorn
running spoon thumb
4. Running Spoon
angel north thumb
5. Angel of the North
lamb thumb
6. Newborn Lamb
salmon thumb
7. Leaping Salmon
cow thumb
8. The Lowing Cow
three thumb
9. Three of Cassiopeia
pawing horse thumb
10. Pawing Horse
lion thumb
11. Man-eating Lion
fairy boot thumb
12. Fairy Boot
snail thumb
13. Slimy Snail
horn thumb
14. The Great Horn
kite thumb
15. The Flying Kite
locust thumb
16. The Golden Locust
stinky bear thumb
17. Stinky Bear
pig thumb
18. Big Pig
cat thumb
19. Cold-eyed Cat
bat thumb
20. Bat out of Hell
circus thumb
21. At the Circus
angel of anchors thumb
22. Angel of Anchors
drawing water thumb
23. Drawing Water
goosey gander thumb
24. Goosey Gander
Stars - the real pictures
- taking astronomy back to its roots -
Little Pig Publications
- astronomy: from Greek astronomos, 'star-arranging' -
Price 30  UK / IRL
free p&p
Price $45 USA
incl p&p